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E-M:/ When Meteorologists Attack....

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

When Meteorologists Attack....

Michigan's own former hurricane hunter, Jeff Masters, Ph.D., and 
president of Weather Underground (headquartered in Ann Arbor;
http://www.weatherunderground.com  ....premier internet weather site)
speaks out about allegations made by George Bush, Michael Chertoff 
(former judge and director of homeland security), Michael Brown (former fired
Arabian horse association lawyer and director of 
the Federal Emergency Management Agency) and other
KoolAide-drinking apologizers and excuse-makers about the hurricane 
Katrina somehow being a "surprise."

I highly recommend a careful reading of Dr. Master's Blog comments
which go beyond the science of meteorology and go clearly to the 
truth of responsibility .....

Speaking of truth....we're now seeing a massive effort by our 
criminally negligent political leaders to evade responsibility by 
trying to "spin" the view of these things and the MSM (mainstream 
media) are letting them get away with it.   That is why I've
been using such outlets as http://www.dailykos.com

Can we handle the truth?

How about truth from Celine Dion?  (watch a commercial before
her interview with CNN comes on)---powerful stuff....
actual video:   http://dynamic.cnn.com/apps/tp/video/bestoftv/2005/09/03/lkl.celine.dion.cnn/video.ws.asx?NGUserID=aa54a10-7657-1125682278-5&adDEmas=deReg%3AR00%26deBand%3Ahi%26deDom%3Aprimus.ca%26deSic%3D73%26deCoun%3Acan%26deDMA%3A-1%26deZip%3A0%26deGMT%3A-7

I'm reminded of the movie with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson in 
the military court room......can we handle the truth??

Here is one view of the truth.....U2 imagery from the 
National Aeronautic and Oceanic Administration of the entire
hurricane damage area.....while we could have 10,000+ dead in 
New Orleans alone, the dead from Mississippi will be less visible as many
would have been washed out into the ocean with the retreat of the 
storm surge.


Other truths...

Like Red Cross being barred from entering New Orleans....

Like FEMA barring flat-air-boat rescuers for up to 4 days from entering
New Orleans and keeping trucks from Walmart loaded with drinking water 
and food out.....how come FEMA can work efficiently at relief in Florida 
after hurricanes before the election but not in New Orleans or Mississippi after the 
presidential election?

US still refusing international aide and aide from non government organizations....

Is this a de facto "ethnic cleansing" of New Orleans?  ....Or are they 
planning a "gentrification?"

...and on and on for the last week....

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