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Re: E-M:/ Judge orders EPA to review its health standards for lead pollutionAssociated Press

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As lead is listed as a criteria pollutant by the EPA, the DEQ is required to follow the standard they set for it.  However, whenever an application for an air permit to install comes in, we certainly take a look at real world impacts to reduce the risk of having any type of human impact as a result of lead pollution.

It's also worth noting that Michigan is far below the national standards for ambient lead concentrations.  Take a look at our Air Quality annual report and specifically note the chart on Page 32.  All of our monitoring stations report lead concentrations around or below 0.1 micrograms per cubic meter (with the standard being 1.5)

The report can be found here:

The reality is that phasing out leaded gasoline had a significant reduction in the amount of lead pollution in our air.  There are some "hotspots" around the country where there remains a real problem with lead pollution, but fortunately we are not seeing that here in Michigan at this point.

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>>> Jeff Gearhart <jeffg@ecocenter.org> 09/21/05 9:14 AM >>>
EPA air lead standard is hopelessly out of date, still based on a 
1978 standard of 30 ug/l blood standard.  Most current research show 
that there is not safe level of lead exposure.

Can someone at DEQ tell us what standard Michigan follows in its air 
permitting?   Hopefully not the EPA standard.

"The 1978 standard states that the air is unhealthy if, over a period 
of three months, it has an average of more than 1.5 micrograms of 
lead per cubic meter of air."

"In 1978, the EPA based the standard in part on a finding by the 
Centers for Disease Control that children had lead poisoning if they 
had 30 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood, Lipeles said. By 
1991, the CDC had reduced that amount to just 10 micrograms per 
deciliter of blood, she said."

Judge orders EPA to review its health standards for lead pollution
Associated Press

ST. LOUIS - A federal judge in St. Louis has ordered the 
Environmental Protection Agency to review its health standard for 
lead pollution in the air, saying the agency had "blatantly 
disregarded" Congress' requirement that such reviews be held every 
five years.


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