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E-M:/ Fwd: Question re Vulcan Wood Products

Enviro-Mich message from Doug Welker <dwelker@up.net>

Does anyone have info on environmental issues associated with the business Wes mentions below? If so, please let me know and I
will pass the info on to Wes.



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Doug, are you familiar with Vulcan Wood Products in Vulcan? Any
environmental issues? Is the plant noisy, smelly, dirty, or like that? Is
this a big outfit, or some shoestring deal?

If you know something about them, please give me a call at (517) 448-2611
business hours, or (517) 547-7402 evenings/weekends.

-- Wes

Doug Welker 26344 Tauriainen Road Pelkie MI 49958 dwelker@up.net (906) 338-2680

Never underestimate the power of human greed.

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