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E-M:/ "Atomic Explosion" in Romulus - Questions


"Like an atomic explosion." That's how two residents I've spoken with characterized the August 9th explosion in Romulus at EQ Resource Recovery. As most readers of this list know, it was initially feared that an airplane had crashed into the chemical complex. "Environmental Quality Resource Recovery (a doublespeak name change from its former handle as a "waste management" firm, is in fact the largest hazardous waste facility of its kind in the world. Few locals knew this fact.

After a 2 day evacuation of hundreds, several questions remain.

A month afterwards many cars in the area are still covered with the black tar like compounds that fell from the sky that frightening night.

Two formal requests for more information to the EPA by MI Congressman Dingell have not been answered. see:

I request input and comments from the list on any aspect of the Romulus event for an article I'm doing. . .


Brian McKenna