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E-M:/ Bulldozing for Urban Renewal is Like ...

Enviro-Mich message from John Gear <jmgear@acd.net>

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Bulldozing for Urban Renewal is Like Making Love for Virginity

How sad that our local paper welcomes City Hall’s push to bulldoze rundown houses. Your paper apparently has the same impoverished imagination and misunderstanding of urban challenges as City Hall.

You should help citizens understand how our bass-ackwards property tax system rewards speculators for letting houses run down even as it punishes those who invest in improving their homes.

Instead you say “thumbs up” to the same mindless strategy that’s failed so miserably in Detroit: knocking down houses while doing nothing to address the economic factors that caused the decline in the first place.

Every problem has a solution that’s popular, easy to understand – and dead wrong. Wise public leadership means focusing on root causes rather than symptoms.

Fighting urban decay with bulldozers is like fighting measles by gouging out the flesh beneath with a rusty pocketknife. Sure, it looks like decisive action -- but what a terrible cost!

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