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E-M:/ Native American Ethnobotany - best database in world right here in MI


I want to clue you all in to this fantastic interactive database on Native American plants by Indian scholar Dan Moerman, and anthropologist at the University of Michigan. Input any disease, condition or feeling into the search string and the database will connect you with those botanicals which Native American's used for that condition. It will also connect you to the USDA National Resources Conservation Services website which provides a photo and other info. 


It's the result of a life's work. And it is the most comprehensive database of its kind.

Type in anything you desire, "relaxation," "obesity," "lungs". . .anything. . .and be prepared for an information odyssey into America's past. . .the real American, of the Natives that contributed so much to world cultures. . .though most U.S. citizens haven't a clue. . .


Brian McKenna