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E-M:/ Chicken farmer wants to grow, but leaders, neighbors want him to go

This is a follow up to earlier posting few months ago.  This is purely a neighbor willing to lie on behalf of corrupt twp politicians that want the neighborhood near Fruitvale freeway exit for their future "higher money uses" developments.  Note that there is absolutely no odor problem.  I personally have Clary's straight manure/sawdust on both sides of my home wheelchair ramp and all around the house under the eaves in all flower beds.  The twp officials know well there are no problems with Clary's little operation, but are desperate to help their future developers that pay more in taxes.  Montague Twp supervisor's immediate family members work for Montague Twp clerk.  The twp clerk is the same Weesie (Weeies Brothers 900-acre farm) trying to put little Clary's out of business.  The twp treasurer had her own chickens cleaned at Clary's until she had to toe in with her Weesie boss.  This is why the White Lake area refers to Montague Twp as Weesie Twp.  The entire Clary cleaning operation is the size of a one-stall garage.  Big rich urbanites vs working class warfare 101. 
What came first, the chicken or the suburb?