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E-M:/ CWL -- Countywide Landfill loses appeal -- Citizen action prevails

Subject: CWL -- Countywide Landfill loses appeal -- Citizen action prevails.

 Countywide Landfill loses appeal. Citizens very pleased. Remain watchful.

 This decision by the Michigan Court of Appeals closes the book on
 Gibraltar-based Countywide Landfill's attempt to create a 200" mountain of
 a  landfill in a floodplain between two creeks, just 500 yards from the
Detroit   River. 
(for the complete ruling, please see the Friends of Detroit River web site: 
http://www.detroitriver.org/PDF_Files/CWL_MDEQ_Decision.pdf   )

 Citizens engaged local elected officials in the communities that surround
 Gibraltar.  The neighboring  communities opposed the expansion to the
 landfill on grounds based on environmental instability, land use, and
common  sense.

 The Mayor Mike Kuhn and a majority of Gibraltar City officials supported
the  landfill in defiance of their own citizens. Former Wayne County Executive
Ed  McNamara championed the expansion of the landfill, pulling insider
maneuvers  and power plays.  These have been rebuked.

 Organized opposition came from many fronts, including the Friends of the
 Detroit River (David Howell 734-282-3764), Gibraltar City Council member
 Kathleen LaPointe (313-845-0454), State Rep Kathleen Law (734-673-0961),
 both Cameron Priebe and Greg Pitoniak, and local businessman Johno Norian
 (734-341-3700) who engaged attorney Grant Trigger  (313-465-7584) whose
 brilliant analysis frustrated McNamara's bureaucratic tricks and  persuaded
 the newly elected Granholm Administration to join with the citizens.
Also  adamant against the expansion has been Detroit Riverkeeper Bob Burns
 (734-552-9805),  Frank and Poet Homeowners Association president Scott
Ross.  Gibraltar activist Jay Rynberg fought the landfill with recalls, petitions,
 and community mobilizations.  There were many hundreds of additional

 Editorial support came from the Detroit Free Press and the News Herald.

 Wayne County Executive Bob Ficano and Kurt Heise, Director of Wayne County
 Department of Environment reversed the positions of their predecessors,
 McNamara and James Murray, and added important opposition to the expansion.

 Gibraltar Council member Kathleen La Pointe who has followed the regulatory
 process for a decade savored the victory, indicates a sale of the landfill
 is imminent, and expects another ill-fated attempt to expand the landfill
  to  be in the works.

 Blair J. Mc Gowan

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