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Subject: Governor receives Tuebor award



September 30, 2005


Governor Receives Teubor Award

Commended for Protecting Forests While Promoting Economy


LANSING – Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today received the Tuebor Award for excellence in conservation, natural resources, and economic policy. The Michigan Forest Products Council’s (MFPC) Board of Directors chose the Governor as the second recipient of this award based on her commitment to protecting our forests and promoting the natural resource based economy.


“I am honored to accept this award because it is a symbol of something I strongly believe,” Granholm said.  “We can protect our natural resources and our economy at the same time. These things are not mutually exclusive, they’re mutually reinforcing.”


The Tuebor award recognizes leadership in promoting sustainable, well-managed forests throughout the State of Michigan. The MFPC commended Granholm’s efforts to conserve 271,000 acres of prime forestland in the Upper Peninsula, to continue to improve management in the largest State Forest system in the country at 4 million acres, and to promote job growth through her economic plan.


The Michigan Forest Products Council promotes a sustainable and globally competitive forest products industry in Michigan. Their member companies employ over 154,000 men and women, and make 10 percent of the state’s manufacturing jobs.


Governor Granholm is working to make all of Michigan’s forests certified for sustainable management by 2006, ensuring that habitats and water quality are protected. This makes Michigan a model of sustainable forestry and allows producers to be certified as environmentally friendly. The Governor is also working to restructure the Single Business Tax to promote manufacturing.


“There is no question that our forests are a precious treasure. Being recognized for protecting the environment and jobs in our state is an honor,” Granholm said.


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