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E-M:/ for Alex: House Passage of Pombo Endangered Species Act Bill

Enviro-Mich message from Michigan Nature Association <michigannature@yahoo.com>

If you haven't received a response yet Alex, here is
the MI delegation's voting record on the ESA bill. 
-Jeremy Emmi

Stupak, Bart; Michigan, 1st (D)- for species 

Hoekstra, Peter; Michigan, 2nd  (R)- against species

Ehlers, Vernon J.; Michigan, 3rd  (R)- for species

Camp, Dave; Michigan, 4th (R)- against species

Kildee, Dale E.; Michigan, 5th (D) ? for species

Upton, Fred; Michigan, 6th  (R)- for species

Schwarz, John J.H. "Joe"; Michigan, 7th (R)- for

Rogers, Mike; Michigan, 8th  (R)- against species

Knollenberg, Joe; Michigan, 9th (R)- against species

Miller, Candice S.; Michigan, 10th (R)- against

McCotter, Thaddeus G.; Michigan, 11th (R)- against

Levin, Sander M.; Michigan, 12th  (D)- for species

Kilpatrick, Carolyn C.; Michigan, 13th  (D)- for

Conyers, John; Michigan, 14th (D)- for species

Dingell, John D.; Michigan, 15th (D)- for species


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