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E-M:/ Nestle Union Leader Murdered on way home from picket line


We know of Nestle as the Ice Mountain corporation, a water privatizer with no conscience. Elsewhere, in the Philippines, a fellow activists, a union leader, was gunned down two weeks ago. I'm passing along word of the global campaign of protest that has arisen with his death.


Brian McKenna


Two weeks ago, on 22 September, Diosdado Fortuna, a trade union leader
at the large Nestlé factory in Cabuyao in the Philippines, was shot by
unidentified gunmen while he was on his way home from the factory picket

The IUF is spearheading a global campaign of protest, calling on the
government to investigate the murder and bring the murderers to justice.

Your help is urgently needed right now.

1. Please go to http://www.labourstart.org/fortuna and send off your

2. Then, pass this message on to your fellow union members.

3. Sign up to all our current urgent action campaigns here:

4. Make sure your union's website is automatically running links to all
those appeals.  Full details of how to do this are here:

5. Finally, you can help us with this and other campaigns by giving
generously to LabourStart and encouraging your union to do so as well.
Go here for full details: http://www.labourstart.org/donate.shtml