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E-M:/ FW: Bush Administration's Attacks Clean Air Act

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                  Bush Administration Attacks Clean Air Act
     Statement by Nat Mund, Clean Air Expert, Sierra Club's Environmental
                               Quality Program

   "Today, the Bush administration announced changes that would
   dramatically weaken the Clean Air Act's New Source Review program - a
   key clean air protection that requires aging coal-fired power plants,
   oil refineries and other industrial facilities to install modern
   pollution controls when they make changes or expand in a way that
   increases pollution.

   "The loss of this program means the loss of an important tool in the
   fight for safe air.  The Bush administration needs to enforce the law,
   hold polluters accountable, and require them to use today's technology
   to protect our health and safety.

   "When enforced, New Source Review has been an effective tool for forcing
   power plants, refineries, and factories to install modern pollution
   equipment.  This is why the oil, coal and power companies which own
   those polluting facilities have been so interested in rewriting the

   "This latest attack by the Bush administration to dismantle NSR comes
   from a new angle.  The proposal  will allow polluting industries to make
   changes that increase the total amount of pollution released each year
   if it is done in a way that does not increase the rate of pollution
   released.  By doing this, they can avoid installing modern pollution
   control technology.  Simply put, a utility or industry could refurbish a
   plant so that it does not release more pollution per hour, but could
   double the operating time thus releasing more pollution over the course
   of the year.

   "Furthermore, the EPA is saying that any potential increases in air
   pollution that the proposal causes would be handled under the recently
   adopted Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR)   However, EPA's own models
   suggest that CAIR will not be sufficient to ensure that every community
   is breathing clean air."

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