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Re: E-M:/ Dearborn Greenway Link to be Dedicated on October 29th

A sad and pathetic attempt to compete with Allen Park that has destroyed much of the teeny tiny little bit of natural beauty that is left in Dearborn.  Minimal impact?  I think that would depend on what species you are.
Lets ask our Dearborn officers how safe it is. My daughter wont be walking it.  Maybe we can add some huge lights so that the creatures who live here can be found smashed on Michigan Avenue as they try to find somewhere to go.
It beats me how constructing a huge asphalt path and two ugly bridges  through a beautiful natural area that brings many birds to Dearborn is considered "reclaiming the Rouge".  Would any of you really swim or even dip into that part of the Rouge?   Sniff it in on a nice muggy day and see for yourself.
Ten cents says it ends up like the bike trail over in Canton, near Michigan and 275.  Its blocked off because criminals and other opportunists found it a very comfy place indeed.