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E-M:/ Granholm 2006 -- Can She Run on Her Environmental Record???

Hello, All:
Longtime lurker, first time poster here.
Since we are just a couple of weeks shy of one year until the 2006 election, I started wondering.
Can Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm run for re-election on her environmental record?  I know that she promised great things during the last campaign, but what has been accomplished?
Are there any statistics showing improved (or diminished) environmental quality in the Great Lakes State during her tenure?  Has anyone compiled a list of successes (or failures)?  I'd be interested in any data or comments that list readers have. 
All I remember of late is a press release from DEQ raving about how they have reduced permit processing time -- isn't that great--now industries who want to release toxic chemicals or other pollutants don't have to wait anywhere near as long as they used to to get started!  The Animal Feedlot problem still seems huge.  Water is being shipped out of the basin at record rates.  Wetlands enforcement is going to the G. W. Bush supreme court. 
Is there ANY good news?  Does anyone have a list of all of the environmental promises made during the last election?  In other words, are we really any better off than we were under the <horrible> Engler regime?  If not, I may have to sit out this election.