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E-M:/ East Michigan Chapter A&WMA Speaker Change

EnviroMich Readers: About the same time I was posting my message regarding John Dingell yesterday, his office was notifying us that he was cancelling. So we are going with Plan B. We will be re-scheduling Representative Dingell for some time in early 2006. I apologize for the confusion.
David Yanochko, Chapter Chair
Steven Chester, Director, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality will be the Featured Newsmaker on the October 24 Breakfast Without Mort

Congressman Dingell's office contacted us late Wednesday afternoon and informed us that due to unforeseen circumstances, he will be unable to serve as the Featured Newsmaker at the Breakfast Without Mort at the VisTaTech Center in Livonia, on October 24 (for program details including directions and  registration go to 'http://www.emawma.org'). 

We wanted to let you know of this change in plans due, obviously, to matters beyond our control.

However, Mr. Chester, who was under consideration as a Featured Newsmaker at a future program, has agreed to step in and serve in that capacity for the October 24 Breakfast.    So the Breakfast goes on - same format, same style - informative, enjoyable, and inexpensive ($25 including a full breakfast).  Bring your comments and issues and questions for Mr. Chester.  In fact, ask Mr. Chester any question that you had prepared for the Congressman.  His response might be very interesting.

There are many important environmental decisions and policies being modified and created by the current administration in Michigan, such as:
  • Will the DEQ's Part 201 program really disappear next year unless new funding is found?  That is what we are hearing from some in the administration.  What are the DEQ's plans?
  • What is the DEQ's position now that the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear two cases, both from Michigan, regarding the federal regulation of wetlands?
  • The DEQ is developing an environmental justice policy for environmental permits and approvals.  How will it impact permit process?
  • The DEQ is touting the success of its new air permitting system.  Do you want to compliment the Director or tell him that the same problems remain?

Committee for Breakfast Without Mort and Board of Directors of the East Michigan Chapter Air & Waste Management Association.
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