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E-M:/ Any complaints re: Retrofoam of Michigan Inc?

Enviro-Mich message from John Gear <jmgear@acd.net>

I'm investigating a Birch Run Michigan firm called "Retrofoam of Michigan, Inc.,"
which sells a blown-in wall insulation product that is, according to their materials,
entirely green and non-toxic (I have the MSDS for it and it seems to confirm).

It's basically a formaldahyde-free styrofoam that can be applied through a tube
so that people with little or no insulation (like me) can have it done without having
to tear apart their hous (mine's brick, built in 1929, and has no wall insulation).

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with the company or knows of anyone
who has had any experience and whether the product has worked as advertised.
They claim that they put R-16 into a 4" stud cavity and stop air inflitration entirely,
and that the product is entirely inert below 1200F.

 The maker's website is here:  http://www.polymaster.com/retro.html
the local website (pretty much same info) is RetrofoamofMichigan.com

Apparently the sprayfoam insulations used in the 70s had formadehyde in them
as preservatives, which turned out to be a bad idea, as the formaldehyde off-gasses
and ends up reacting with the polymer material.

They don't have a contractor's license so I can't check the builder's board to see
if they've had complaints there. I will check with the AG's Consumer Protection
Division office, but the absence of complaints there is not always a sign of absence
of problems ...

Because of the nature of this product, I was hoping that someone or many someones
on enviro/sustainability lists might know something about the product/firm. You can
post it to the list or feel free to e-mail me directly if you prefer.

 John Gear, Lansing

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