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E-M:/ Republican Legislators want more logging on state land

Over the past year and a half the DNR has, at the direction of the Legislature and the Governor’s office, been working toward Forest Certification for the State Forest system.  Certification was demanded by the timber industry that has been concerned that their ability to sell goods made from wood products from Michigan forests would disappear because retailers are now requiring the use of only certified woods.  


Now, inexplicably, the very legislators who insisted on certification for Michigan’s state forests are about to try to pass legislation that would inevitably result in the state being incapable of meeting certification.  This kind of arbitrary legislative demand that the DNR stop protecting areas that need protection, that DNR put up more wood than they should, that insists that smaller trees be cut than are sustainable, all of this flies directly in the face of what the industry demanded be done.  


Nonsensical and counterproductive --

Anne Woiwode, Sierra Club


GOP legislators want more logging on state land


GOP legislators want more logging on state land

11/14/2005, 6:27 p.m. ET


The Associated Press


TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — Republican state legislators are introducing bills aimed at boosting timber harvesting in state forests, one of which would make it harder for regulators to rule certain areas off-limits to logging.

Other proposals include tax incentives that would encourage private owners to allow timber cutting on their land and the forest products industry to invest and expand operations in Michigan.

The lawmakers announced the initiative at several news conferences around the state Monday and said the package would be introduced in the House and Senate in the next couple of weeks.