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E-M:/ Temporary work to save the Arctic


  You may all remember from my incessant posts about saving the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (if you haven’t called your Congressman to thank or spank him/her yet for work on the Arctic, do it now!). I am unfortunately moving on the week after next. We had no idea the vote would be postponed until this point, and my contract with the Alaska Coalition only extends until December 4.


The Alaska Coalition is looking to temporarily hire an organizer to work in Michigan through the conference committee and the final budget vote. This is a quick and heavy assignment, press conferences, phonebanks, LTE’s, media work all leading up to the last stand for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. If you know anyone, please have them contact me, dfavre@alaskacoalition.org, and I’ll pass along the details for applying.





Daniel Favre

Field Organizer

Alaska Coalition of Michigan

103 E. Liberty St., Suite 202

Ann Arbor, MI 48104



mobile: 401-965-7908