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E-M:/ Vine Deloria - a top activist for Indians - gone


As Michigan's environmentalists seek to work more closely with Michigan's original environmentalists, we need to learn more about Native American culture in our work. (see Tribes build muscle to fight for Great Lakes in this month's Northern Express http://www.northernexpress.com/editorial/features.asp?id=1546

The death last week of Vine Deloria is an important event to recognize.  It can bring help bridge two cultures (European-heritage environmentalists and First Peoples' environmentalists). Deloria wrote the important, "Cuter Died for your sins."

He skillfully unpacked scores of Native American stereotypes.  Here's a snip from the CommonDreams piece above:

snip> What's more, Deloria debunks the simplistic view of Indians as noble savages in harmony with nature. It should be required reading for white America, especially those looking to expropriate our spirituality and ceremonies.<


Brian McKenna