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Re: E-M:/ WI - State fighting skepticism and CWD

Not all legislators are in support of  the cervid industry.  I have served on Agriculture and in the House for the past 3 years, spoke against this unnatural "farming" industry in committee and vote to regulate.  I think this industry is a crime against nature.  One would do well to demonize the culprits but please know those who share your views and have ethical standards to vote them on the House floor.   Cervid farming is a repugnant, perverse insult to farmers and sportsmen/ women. The changes in the laws to allow cervid farming occurred during the Engler/Harding Administration and have taken years to enact. Current research on CWD keeps me awake nights, the devastation to our Tourist Industry if/when CWD infects our deer/elk population is huge, and I have no price to put on the suffering of the wildlife.  The Republican controlled House and Senate do not appropriate funds for statutorily required oversight of many essential services. The Republican controlled House enacts legislation requiring multiple reports which redirects MDEQ and Agriculture staff from their essential work to desk jobs. Please do not blanket indict. Kathleen Law D-Gibraltar 23rd
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Subject: E-M:/ WI - State fighting skepticism and CWD

The attitudes expressed in this WI article will apply to MI when CWD is finally documented in MI.  Note that our MI legislators are supporting the cervid industry money interest, NOT the welfare of the state deer or the hunting 1/2 B$ tourism industry.  MI still refuses to curtail, put meaningful disease restrictions on the captive cervid industry, or even have the cervid industry pay the administrative cost to the state.
Unfortunately, most people respond to obvious threats, not subtle science. Maybe that's why we saw rapid legislative intervention to save baiting and feeding, but mainly legislative indifference on all other matters regarding CWD.