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E-M:/ Press Release: National Stormwater Summit kicks off 26-city tour



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National Stormwater Summit: Solution to Compliance Training

Educational Component Tackles Strict Regulatory Guidelines



(Denver, CO)  – The National Stormwater Summit will launch its 26-city tour-de-force on November 29.  The Summit will tackle hard-hitting environmental regulations surrounding storm water pollution prevention and storm water management issues related to ever-increasing fines associated with noncompliance of the U.S. Clean Water Act.   

The National Stormwater Summit will offer an unprecedented educational component consisting of a series of workshops conducted by industry leaders who have partnered to incorporate the latest innovations in Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Best Available Technologies (BATs) for quality stormwater compliance training. 

Providing critical risk management solutions for builders, developers, subcontractors, engineers and government officials, the Summit tour is scheduled to kick-off in San Diego, with registration available online at www.stormwatersummit.com.

According to the EPA’s FY 2005 Compliance & Enforcement Annual Results – FY 2005 Highlights, defendants “will spend a record $10 Billion to reduce pollution and achieve compliance” and “will pay $100 Million in Criminal Fines and Restitution” and “were sentenced to 186 years in jail.”

“It is evident to everyone affected by the permits and regulatory oversight required under the Clean Water Act that the EPA has gone on the offensive,” said John Hall, Principal of the National Stormwater Summit.

“The building industry’s gameplan is to train and equip their teams with the tools they need to address these new stormwater guidelines,” Hall continued. “One of the unique features of our educational summit is that we will provide regulators, engineers, builders, developers and BMP providers a common stage in which to discuss, display and perhaps debate stormwater management solutions.”

The workshops are sponsored in part by Paradigm Engineering, SI Geosolutions, Profile Products, Concrete Washout Systems (CWS), Great American Total Erosion Control (TEC), Total Site Maintenance (TSM) and Pollution Solution Inc. (PSI).  National resource partners include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Land Development Today.

The National Stormwater Summit combines a top-notch National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater training program; the experts’ roundtable; a site tour and demonstration that includes some of the top BMP manufacturers and suppliers; the EPA perspective session; motivational speaker, Jeff Conley; a comprehensive reference manual and certificate of completion.

“The Summit consists of an all-pro lineup of industry leaders, enhancing the value proposition for each of our participants,” said Hall.  “We offer a training session that is a unique experience – different from others – because it’s an opportunity to really bring opposing forces together in a neutral environment.”

For more information about the National Stormwater Summit, including registration, please call (303) 944-4225 or visit www.stormwatersummit.com.