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E-M:/ Canadian Trash-help journalist there


Can someone help reporter Louise Livingston with the Community Press in Sterling, Ontario?  She is doing a story about Waste Management Inc. a hauler who deposits 3.5 million tons of trash into Michigan each year.  I've CC'd her in this post.  Below is the message she sent to the Society of Enviro Journalists list.

Brian McKenna

"Waste management Inc. is going through an environmental assessment
process for a huge expansion to the existing Richmond landfill in the
Town of Greater Napanee, Eastern Ontario.

It will take a large percentage of the Ontario garbage (3.5 million
tones) now going to landfill sites in Michigan each year. The community
and the Mohawks of Tyendinaga are fighting hard to
prevent this development.

Does anyong know anything about the operation of Waste Management In.
sites, especially in Michigan?

I would be interested to hear from you.

Thank you
Louise Livingstone"

Louise Livingstone
The Community Press
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