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E-M:/ Another idea

Enviro-Mich message from jmgear <jmgear@acd.net>

While you're on novel experiments, how about this idea as a method of causing interest in "doing it right:":

1) For each CAFO, we define an "impact zone" around the CAFO where the effects of its operation are felt (smelt, dealt ...).

2) Then we require that those persons holding a controlling interest in the business must maintain their primary residence within within a few miles (downwind in the direction of prevailing winds) and must draw their water from local wells or water supplies within the impact zone.

This would mean, for example, if a business wants to own a CAFO, then people holding the majority of the ownership shares would have to live and take their water from within the impact zone.

I imagine that this would be challenged under the commerce clause (because it pretty much rules out distant corporate ownership of CAFOs), but there's a good argument that this falls under the state's police powers because it would promote the most effective form of health and safety regulation there is (self regulation).

Instead, how about a novel experiment? How about if we actually give DEQ the staff, the funding, and the authority to actually properly regulate and enforce the law to prevent pollution from industrial livestock operations???? Why not clean up existing ones, help prevent real water and air pollution from these facilities, shut down the ones that fail and not build any more until we know how to do it right?? Why don’t we try that first! Wouldn’t it be amazing to actually find out if CAFOs could operate without destroying the lives of their neighbors and downstream communities?

Just a thought -- a heck of a lot more practical than what Farm Bureau proposes below.

Also, I hope we’ll get some clarification on the idea of “streamlining regulations” attributed to the Governor below.

Anne Woiwode, State Director

Sierra Club Mackinac (Michigan) Chapter

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