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Goschka bill angers activists
The Saginaw News - Jeremiah Stettler
Dow Chemical Co. might have a say in deciding which properties it has polluted.

State Sen. Michael J. Goschka has added language to a hotly contested environmental bill that would require written consent by the property owner, the state and the polluter before including any property in a contaminated "facility."


"Someone has to give the perceived liable party its due process, its day in court, because it will end up paying the bill," said Goschka, a Brant Republican.


"What would be the incentive for the polluter to agree to that?" asked DEQ spokesman Robert McCann. "You are asking them to admit guilt and take financial responsibility."

The more likely scenario, he said, is that polluters would use the language to shield themselves from liability, potentially blocking the inclusion of properties in a facility without on-site sampling.


This bill is also supported by Russ Harding, former DEQ director, who couldn't do enough during his tenure to accommodate Dow Chemical. Others supporting it: Chamber of Commerce, Home Builders, Realtors, Michigan Chemical Council, Michigan Manufacturers Association and the City of Midland. 

Michelle Hurd Riddick

Lone Tree Council