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Each of the three courses in the International Association for Public
Participation (IAP2) Certificate Program in Public Participation will be
offered in East Lansing this Winter/Spring:

February 23 & 24 -- Planning for Effective Public Participation
March 20         -- Effective Communication for Public Participation
March 21 & 22    -- Techniques for Public Participation

A description of each course and registration information is available at:

A full description of the courses and the IAP2 Certificate Program in Public
Participation can be found by clicking on "Training" at: www.iap2.org (A
brief description is pasted below)

The IAP2 Certificate Program in Public Participation

For more than a decade, IAP2 has offered diverse, high quality training for
public participation practitioners in conjunction with its annual
conference. In response to a growing demand from the public participation
community, IAP2 developed an official IAP2 Certificate Program In Public
Participation to provide beginning through advanced intermediate
practitioners a broad-based learning experience covering all of the
foundations of public participation. IAP2 training provides useful and
effective tools for communicating public participation concepts. Each course
is designed to provide the fundamentals of public participation that
practitioners from around the world can use to implement customized and
effective programs.

Tier I consists of a series of three modules. Tier I modules are aimed at
beginning to intermediate level professionals who wish to master the basics
of how to design and deliver a public participation program.
Upon the completion of each Tier I module, students will receive credit from
IAP2 recognizing their successful completion of that module. Upon completion
of all three modules, students will be awarded a Certificate in Public
Participation from IAP2.

Tier I modules include:
1. Planning for Effective Public Participation (two-day course)
2. Effective Communications for Public Participation (one-day course)
3. Techniques for Effective Public Participation (two-day course)

For further information contact: David Bidwell, Environmental Science and Policy and Sociology, Michigan State University  (bidwell2@msu.edu)
Director of the Environmental Science and Policy Program
Michigan State University