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E-M:/ From the Sierra Club....on Syriana

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Commentary from the Sierra Club on release of the film Syriana


On Friday, the highly acclaimed film Syriana opens nationwide in theaters. But Syriana, a political thriller that unfolds against the intrigues and corruption of the global oil industry, isn't just another movie. The filmmakers, Participant Productions, have partnered with the Sierra Club and other conservation organizations to spotlight the dangerous consequences of oil dependence and call audiences to action. The Oil Change website lets visitors send a message encouraging Detroit automakers to step up production of more efficient cars and trucks, explore ways to cut back their own oil consumption, and add comments to the Oil Change blog.

Syriana is one of many new progressive political films. Read about this growing trend.

George Clooney Wants to Change Your Oil 

We're addicted to oil. Everyone agrees that it would be good for us to kick the habit, right?

Not everyone, if the new George Clooney film, Syriana, is to be believed. Reducing America's dependence on oil is also going to threaten some oil companies' dependence on money, and we can't have that.

Syriana launches alongside an online campaign called Oil Change. The Sierra Club is a partner in the project, which advocates a new energy policy for America -- one that would lessen our dependence on oil by investing in clean, renewable sources of energy and more fuel-efficient cars and trucks. Nothing very radical. Just pragmatic, commonsense stuff.

The Sierra Club will host a Washington, D.C., sneak-peek screening of Syriana for Members on December 7, the same evening the Oil Change campaign partners are presenting it to the National Press Club.

It opens nationwide December 9. See the movie. Then "change your oil" at Oil Change.


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