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E-M:/ DEQ's Chester denies Nugent Sand pipeline permit

Enviro-Mich message from Cynthia Price <skyprice@gmail.com>

As what we hope will be the final step in a long, long process, DEQ
Director Steve Chester has denied Dune Harbor (a development arm of
the Nugent Sand Company, which does sand mining) a permit to put a
pipeline through a protected critical dune.

Muskegon Save Our Shoreline has fought this over the past 3 or more
years, and citizen activist Darlene Dehudy has poured her heart and
soul into the struggle. There are a wide assortment of other
environmental problems with the operation, but we have felt that this
permit application was so clearly in violation of statute that it
represented the best hope for stopping the process.

The DEQ press release reads: "Michigan's critical dune areas are
protected from development by law. The Legislature has described our
critical dune areas as a 'unique, fragile, and irreplaceable
resource.' Because of their fragile nature, most uses and structures
on them are prohibited unless a permit is granted by the DEQ."

A big thank you to Director Chester for his diligence in sticking with
the letter and intent of the law despite opposing recommendations by
the Administrative Law Judge.

This may not be over, but as of now we're all celebrating the victory.

Cynthia Price
Greater Grand Rapids Food Systems Council
Editor, Norton-Lakeshore Examiner
(Secretary, Muskegon Save Our Shoreline)

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