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E-M:/ Interesting book recommendation

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(Might be a good book, though it's good to take these statements about "there's enough wind (or solar or whateer) in X to replace all the Y that we use" with a grain of salt -- there's no shortage of energy per se ... it's just that it won't be cheap any longer, and as we use up the cheaper stuff, it takes more and more energy to get the rest until ...)

Subject: geologist Jeremy Leggett's new book - Empty Tank

Just read a review of this book on www.dissidentvoice.org. Mr
Leggett is a strong proponent of dealing with Oil Depletion and Global
Warming together. He feels there will be a strong movement toward
goal when societies panic as oil depletion becomes more obvious.
Apparently there are environmentalists that don't recognize Peak Oil
as a significant problem and energy specialists that aren't terribly
worried about global warming.

Mr Leggett recommends that as the powers-to-be struggle with our
changing world, now is the time for us all to be proponents of what he calls
solarization (vs coalification). He also claims that "America could
provide all the electricity is uses today from the wind-power potential
of just three states: Texas, North Dakota and Kansas." In his book, his most
important point of all is for us to influence the outcome of the
struggle to increase renewables production faster than coal, hence to
ameliorate the worse excess of the global energy crisis, and to create
a better society in the process.

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