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from the December 27, 2005 edition - http://www.csmonitor.com/2005/1227/p03s01-sten.html

Downside of cleaner air: more warming

*Fewer pollutants means average temperatures may rise 8 degrees F. by 2100, new research suggests.*

*By Peter N. Spotts <http://www.csmonitor.com/cgi-bin/encryptmail.pl?ID=D0E5F4E5F2A0CEAEA0D3F0EFF4F4F3A0ADA0E2F9ECE9EEE5>* | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

New measurements of tiny particles in Earth's atmosphere contain a sobering message: All those hard-won efforts to cut air pollution may unwittingly accelerate global warming.

The result: The planet is likely to warm more and faster than current projections suggest, according to a team of British and American scientists.


The results, published in the current edition of Nature, imply "future atmospheric warming greater than is presently predicted, as aerosol emissions continue to decline," suggests the team, led by Nicolas Bellouin at Britain's Meteorological Office in Exeter.


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