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E-M:/ Urgent- Please Support Voice of Reason against Big Ag

Folks, A fine organization, the Michigan Farmers' Union needs you now--before the close of 2005. You have 24 hours to get a free membership. The Michigan Farmers' Union is the voice of reason to protect the family farmer --not industrial-sized agribusiness and CAFOs. (in my opinion)
Below is an invitation from Marilynn Momber, President of MI Farmers' Union, to become an honorary member for a year--FREE.
Just click the e-mail Cowsmonaut@aol.com and send your name address, and county in Michigan to join.
Happy New Year!
Patty Gillis
PS Marilyn is a member of the MI Catholic Rural Life Conference also.
    Michigan Farmers Union received it's charter from  the National Farmers Union in 1932 during the depression era in hopes of strengthening the family farm system to insure it's survival and prosperity. The policies set forth then reflect the same philosophy as it does in 2005. Our policies today are designed to reaffirm the family farm structure as the primary agricultural system, to assure rural and urban stability, national prosperity, the preservation of human and natural resources, and the dignity of the individual and family.  We invite anyone that eats food to join with us and join Michigan Farmers Union. 
We have a great opportunity to increase our active membership through a National Farmers Union grant.  Anyone who would like a 1-year honorary(non-voting; non insurance) membership to the Michigan Farmers Union should submit their name, address, city, state, zip and county to: Cowsmonaut@aol.com  ASAP to ensure a free membership which includes monthly newsletters from National and Michigan Farmers Union.  This is a great opportunity to see what our nonprofit organization is all about. We really welcome our urban "cousins" to join us as our guest for the 2006 year and learn about the issues behind the foods we eat. 
All names and information that is submitted to us remain within MFU/NFU offices and never are sold or traded.  Please pass this information on to any of your friends. 
                                                       Marilynn Momber, President
                                                       Michigan Farmers Union
                                                       3280 9 Mile Road NW
                                                       Sparta, MI 49345-9762
                                                       1-800-821-8025; Home-616-887-1370