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Re: E-M:/ Like Bush? Enviro Deceivers of Lansing


As a health and environment journalist in greater Lansing, Michigan I have written extensively about how the area embodies a new form of company town, slavishly appeasing capital and suppressing critical voices, whenever the rulers can get away with it.  See, for example, my "Fear and Profits versus the Peoples' Health" http://www.lansingcitypulse.com/020501/020501cover.html

A virtual interlocking directorship of Michigan State University, General Motors, state and local government and Gannett, the city's mind manager together cast a Spartan Spell (the town's mascot, a statue of which was crafted in Nazi Germany and sits on MSU's campus) which together forbid widespread public debate of how capital and concomitant wage slavery define the underpinnings of daily life.

Not unlike most towns. . .

Now we are greeted with a new Mayor Virg Bernero who wants to be green and sustainable. He has appointed a variety of people including the former Mayor Hollister (the subject of the above fear and profits article and several others) to his transition team.
See http://www.lansingsfuture.com/index.cfm

No doubt the Ingham County Health Department (which denied that GM's local pollution  has any affect on asthma rates) is involved in some way.

One wonders how trenchant this transition team will be in presenting the telling details about how capital uses the local area as tap and sink in its accumulative quests. How far will the transition team go in dispelling the wage slave relationship which defines the proto-fascist realities for the local populations, both in Greater Lansing and the colonies abroad.

To gain a better grasp of the theoretical issues at stake, read Samir Amin's provocative "The American Ideology."

My personal experiences with the Ingham County Health Department helped me to see deeper into the hidden structure of this region and led me to investigate similar patterns throughout the state. . .and the country at large (book currently underway)
see, for example,
Dow Chemical Buys Silence in Michigan
"The firing of Bobby Williams and institutional racism," The City Pulse, November 13, p.4.
Who is Michigan's Empire Man? Big Ten University President Does Bush's Bidding, The Free Press, Speaking Truth to Power, August 18.

The chief point, which Alex apparently misunderstood, is NOT that Ingham is Bush, that's ridiculous on its face. Read my post again and note that I used the simile "like" and the interrogative in posing a question about a few areas. . . .namely their similar tendencies to suppress uncomfortable environmental reports while the local population accepted it as not that important. Alex's admission that he cannot get excited about this story helps makes my case.

I respect Alex Sagady, and I understand his point about communication strategies. But really Alex, "zero credibility?!"

The chief issue is capitalism and the emerging proto-fascist culture

It's a culture that is not simply "out there" in Bushland," but is right here in town, manifested in everything we take for granted. . . .the most important taken for granted relationship happens everyday. . .our willful acceptance of selling our labor power at the door of the job. . .and then cooperating with bosses instead of challenging them. If we cannot get excited about THAT, then we are in big trouble. The political economy and political ecology are closely linked.


Brian McKenna

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Enviro-Mich message from "Alexander J. Sagady" <ajs@sagady.com>

Sorry Brian.....I just can't get excited about this.

Saying that the Ingham County Health Department (ICHD) is just as
bad as the current felons in the presidential White House....well that dog just won't hunt!!

Last I heard, ICHD didn't criminally spy on county residents,
authorize torture and kidnapping, downgrade waterboarding from
torture, ignore international treaties, lie about Iraq WMD, out anti-WMD
CIA agents, kill civilians in Iraq, imprison innocent individuals
without trial, declare american citizens as "illegal combatents", etc., etc., etc.

Brian's post is a textbook example of how "the left" sometimes
shoots itself in the foot in communicating........Communicating with
zero credibility because of defective and/or ineffective presentation values.

Alex Sagady

At 11:51 AM 12/30/2005, you wrote:
>One wonders how the Bush cabal gets away with it.  I don't.  Just look at how Lansing citizens (and Ingham County ELECTED officials, many so called enviro "activists") quietly accept the mindless drivel which protects the powerful - courtesy of the public health bureaucrats at the Ingham County Health Department. Here's their latest missive:
>In 2001 Dave Dempsey and I had a national watchdog group PEER (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility) release three reports that the Health Dept. suppressed. We wrote or edited those reports. See the three studies on water (130 pages), restaurants (20 pages) and air pollution (50) at the link below:
>Now compare the PEER reports with the "Our Environment, Our Health" report just released by Health Dept. (under leadership of the same people who suppressed the PEER reports.) They were never formally held accountable and retain their jobs.
>Every whistleblower against Bush lost their jobs while Bush and his criminal cabal continue their proto-fascist drives.
>People can accept that national horror, in part because they so easily accept suppressions on the local level.
>Worse, they sometimes cooperate with them. . .read the names of the people and enviro groups that are part of this latest exercise.
>Brian McKenna

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