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Re: E-M:/ Like Bush? Enviro Deceivers of Lansing

In a message dated 12/30/2005 6:00:02 PM Eastern Standard Time, MCKENNA193@aol.com writes:
Last I heard, ICHD didn't criminally spy on county residents,
authorize torture and kidnapping,
Come live with me for a day, you might change your mind. I am tortured daily by the air pollution from the car companies.  Air quality has affected my life, and my family's in very negative ways,and I am clear from reading the stats that I am far from being the only one.  Presentation values are subjective.  If crimes are commited in ways that are not quite so obvious, if the people being held hostage are those who think they can only survive if a huge polluting company provides them with jobs, and if the responsible parties have the approval of government representatives, does that then make the crime OK?   Lies are lies . We can pretend killing innocent citizens in Iraq is more important, because it happens with a bang, but take a look at your grandbabies/children and you might feel a bang in your heart when you consider their futures.
The economy is already going to take a huge dive, so why would we support more air pollution? Fantasies about the economy maintaining stability because of the auto industry are fun, but  I thought make-believe games stopped when puberty began. Forcing the clean air card might cause polluters to move, and bring hard times (more quickly), but in the big picture does it really make sense for GM and Fords to have a large presence in the place that is surrounded by the largest unfrozen fresh water supply on planet earth?  95% of the fresh water in the US is surrounding us,and our legislators sign documents saying its ok for us to continue to crap where we eat.  Even dogs have more common sense than to do that. 
I am all for moderation and concessions, but I think we have gone beyond the time that we can make it OK for large companies, particularly the auto industry, to dictate our air and water quality. School children are familiar with atmospheric deposition, why arent our legislators?  
I suppose none of this really matters. We have signed our death warrant already, but it would be sort of nice to think that our country/state/communities/families tried to prevent the inevitable catastrophe of non-breathable air and non-drinkable water. (for humans that is)