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Re: E-M:/ Serious question re landfills and imported trash

Title: Re: E-M:/ Serious question re landfills and imported trash
Just to stick in my two cents... A friend of mine wrote me (and I add his words with permission):

"We have a lot to do here. They have a lot to do in Ontario. It's a very small planet. The way things are now it's as if I was able to just dump my trash over the fence into the neighbor's yard, and not deal with it.

However, a more important point in the big picture way of looking at things is the little publicized fact that we send lots of our hazardous industrial waste TO Ontario, and it is dumped in a hazardous waste dump right near the Great Lakes north of Windsor!  The dump is supposedly "lined" but is right in the watershed leading to the lakes. And then there is the chemical plant on the Canadian side that keeps having spills that affect everybody on both sides down river, etc., etc.
If it all collapses, we all choke to death, and the Earth ends up like Mars--it won't make much difference whose ox was gored and on which side of the polluted, dead, toxic river."

I did not know that we SENT hazardous stuff TO Ontario. If that is the case, we certainly don't have control of the 'moral high ground'.

Peter Collins wrote:
Folks, jmgear raises questions that go to the context of the concern of some about out-of-state municipal trash disposed in landfills located in Michigan.  I see one issue of interest in this controversy:  There may be an opportunity to derive some revenue for the state by increasing the 'tipping fee,' but to what purpose will that revenue be put? 
~Peter Collins

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    If I can, I'd like to ask either a serious (or a seriously stupid
question) and get some responses from people here:

        What exactly is wrong with importing trash into

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