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E-M:/ Perscription drup disposal

Since a family member is going through some serious medical programs, there arises the question of what to do with the drugs that are unused for various reasons.
So I decided to put this to the test and see what type of answers I got.  My first stop was to my local drug store-answer:  Flush them down the toilet!  Oh my gosh-that will never do and I explained why to them.
Second stop, a couple of Doctor's offices.  They do not take them back or know how to handle the disposal of them.  They have taken the "not responsible" attitude.  They just write the darn things and lots of them at that.
Next stop was County Health Dept-Environmental.  Was told it was looked into some time back, but the rules, regulations and expense prohibited it.
OK-what avenues does that leave the average, uninformed citizen?  My guess many are getting the "flush" answer and following through with it.  That puts us all in the middle of an interesting situation-the flush puts most into our local Public works systems, which most of us know ends up in some stream or river.  Which a some point may end up in our drinking water by different means.
I do think that at the very least there should be some information developed for drug stores and doctors offices on to best ways to hand these drugs-which I do not really know who would do that.
My best guess is to encase the drugs in there original bottle etc, in some sort of container-plastic bottle maybe- and throw them into the landfill.  At least our super-duper constructed landfills should slow down the leeching process some.
Sure would like some feed back on this subject on what is recommended in your area or is there any such thing.
Just something to ponder for the new year.
Happy 2006 and think positive thoughts!
Leanne Meyer