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Re: E-M:/ A critical observation to understand

Enviro-Mich message from Roger Kuhlman <rokuhlman@yahoo.com>

So if you don't believe in pointing out the truth, how
do you suggest we get our politicians and oppinion
leaders to understand and work from the basis that
economic growth and resource use can not keep growing
year after year.

Roger Kuhlman
Ann Arbor, Michigan
I absolutely believe in pointing out the truth, but without the finger pointing.  Lets use our collective powers to tackle the problem, company, issue, person, etc., without using Tupperware categorizations. 

My thought is that the desire for change can easily cross party lines, social lines, company lines, country lines,etc.  If we grouped together as humans hoping for a better world, we would have a greater chance of keeping Gaia alive (as we know her)
The more cliquish we are , the more we actively we create dissension among the "troops".  As a result we have less chance for support from persons in whatever group we have pointed at who may, in fact, be like minded.
The problem is that humans have not evolved enough to figure out how to band together for the greater good, while keeping the focus on the big picture.  We always come up with a reason to disagree, and all those little distractions, disagreements and "issues du jour" allow Gaias' disease to progress.  We like to have our convenient little boxes to put people in so we know who they are, where they stand and if they are a threat to our way of life.  A nice defense mechanism left over from a time when we were not so "civilized", I think.  Protect the tribe and all that jazz. We don't know what to do with someone from a tribe we don't like, but who perhaps agrees with us on some issues.
Humans are greedy by nature.  I personally think that unless extremely drastic measures are taken, things are going to shift in a way that all humans will not like. Maybe we can  band together then.
As far as the question of how?  I don't have much hope that anybody will be able to convince a politician or opinion leader of anything. Educate and open the minds of children and the younger generations. Spend money on them. I think that is the only hope.