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Re: E-M:/ RE: / Crystal Lake - Fight brewing over access to lake

There is nothing huge about the only boat launch in downtown Beulah.  That launch is only one access to a huge lake.  Crystal Lake needs six more full size boat access sites equally spaced around the lake to provide safe access for the public.  Public access sites at boat launches or road ends at water exposes the true hypocrisy of the lakefront residents NIMBY that want Crystal Lake all to their own selfishness.  This can also include fellow environmentalist that don't want outside tourist invading their local elite lake.  Chrystal Lake, Walloon Lake, SE MI lakes, and a all the lake front access fights around the state are cases of pure class warfare 101 and demonstrate rich lakefront $$$$ VS protection of public trust access to public waters. 
FYI, in Muskegon County I filed an assault case (file #02-030824, 2002-010700-I) after being violently attacked while investigating the criminal activities of a boat launch removal by the Muskegon County Road Commission at Nestrom Road in Fruitland Township.  Like I've said before, same public fight - different lake.