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Re: E-M:/ RE: / Crystal Lake - Fight brewing over access to lake

 Dear Hamiltreef;
You said
    "Crystal Lake needs six more full size boat access sites equally spaced around the lake to provide safe access for the public.  Public access sites at boat launches or road ends at water exposes the true hypocrisy of the lakefront residents NIMBY that want Crystal Lake all to their own selfishness.  ... all the lake front access fights (I added the emphasis) around the state are cases of pure class warfare 101 and demonstrate rich lakefront $$$$ VS protection of public trust access to public waters."
There is often an element of correctness in most concerns like this one, however the use of words and phrases like "every, never, always" seldom hold up.  Or perhaps SW Mich is different.  We live on Eagle Lake, Van Buren Co.  Of the 300+ lake property owners with access fewer than 25% live in homes that were built after 1985. Over 75% of the residences are less than 900 sq ft ( I'm on the Twp ZBA and hence some background info)  If your point is that most riparians consider the lake "theirs" to some degree, then you are probably correct, but I think income is not really the issue. 
Anyway, might there be a legitimate concern to lake use that perhaps you have overlooked?  No doubt your reference to an assault case has given you specific focus.  Can't say I would feel different!
I suspect an alternative salient discussion would be, "what are safe boating activity levels and vessel densities" ?  On summer holidays the boating levels are impacted by both the riparians and the public via the number of public access sites.  Use of personal watercraft (pwc), sail boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, and ski boats can become problematic on heavy weekends especially. 
With over 100 boats on our 200 acre lake, assuming traffic flow pattern, fishing sites, etc. Boats are compressed into patterns that make staying legal distances apart difficult.  
What are your thoughts on access based on boat density regs, administration efforts to enforce access, etc.?  To many, your email would seem to focus on promoting a philosophy that "lakes are for the public" without much thought or regard for public safety.  I doubt you would endorse that.