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Re: E-M:/ human population impact

Enviro-Mich message from "Chuck Cubbage" <charles.cubbage@comcast.net>

I would bet some of you are my age. You'd have to be to recall what I'm about to point out. Before the advent of Earth Day, there were plenty of naysayers re if our population would accept "reduce, reuse and recycle". A lot more happened in the ensuing years than most people imagined, and faster too. Although we have much more that needs to be done. BUT this is not what I was going to point out. Drop back another 25 +- years to WWII and recycling of tin, rubber, food and other stamps. It happened over night. The trick is first we must see the "enemy". At this point too many eyes closed or with blinders, e.g., Am auto industry that still insists it is only making what the public demands and in the process has lost significant market share.
Let's keep focused on the changes we need to make and not assume the public won't move there. Dropping our standard of living is not the term I would use. Adopting "smarter" standards is a better sales slogan:>)
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