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Re: E-M:/ Ann Arbor Energy Forum February 8th

In a message dated 1/26/2006 9:46:33 AM Eastern Standard Time, bluemontego@yahoo.com writes:
The only point I was trying to make, and I am sorry if I was clumsy about it, is that there is alot of GREEN-sounding stuff coming out of Ann Arbor these days. But sometimes the reality (like the City Council and Mayor not including hybrids in their "GREEN" Fleet of City-owned cars) doesn't line up with their rhetoric.
Maybe you can ask the Mayor about that at your meeting.
Hi Fred!
I do hope you are able to attend, so as to express your concerns yourself.  I am sincere in wanting your input and perspective.  I appreciate you informing me, WPA and this listserv of this information.  It is also my goal to treat everyone with kindness and respect.  The more collaborative our government becomes, the more our society and earth will be healed, that is my philosophy.  My previous email was an attempt to respond on behalf of the organization.  Now I would like to respond from my own personal philosophy, which I do not claim to always be 100% faithful to.  Last year I became aware of 2 organizations and perspectives that really excited me.  Please consider what follows:
Maybe you are familiar with Tom Atlee, author of The Tao of Democracy.   He is also the force behind the Co-Intelligence Institute.  If not, please check out the following links:
http://www.co-intelligence.org/  This site starts with the following quote
Together we can be wiser than any of us can be alone.
We need to know how to tap that wisdom.
From the later site, are the following quotes
"The more I reflected on this, the more it seemed to me that our social and environmental problems arise from our behaving as if we are separate from each other and nature. The march also opened my eyes to the fact that adversarial activism fails to take interconnectedness seriously -- and that social change work grounded in interconnectedness looks very different from what many activists are used to."
And regarding Tom's experience on a peace march, "Advocates of each approach saw the other approach as a threat to the march's peace-making mission. The situation started to get nasty. People threatened to leave the march unless they got their way. Then a simple miracle occurred."  Please read the entire prologue at this link to get the jist.  It is not that long.
The second organization is a new political organization called the Network of Spiritual Progressives.  I attended their founding conference in Berkeley, California this past July.  Many people there were environmentalists.  Carl Pope spoke there.  Not everyone there was spiritual and/or religious.  Secular people were also in attendance.  Please see the following links.  If you or anyone you know, is interested in a Michigan chapter, please contact me!!
From their site is this quote: "The human race can no longer tolerate tribalism, national chauvinism, economic injustice, wars and the irresponsible use of the world's resoruces.
We must develop global and bioregional planning to ensure preservation of resources and protectionof air and water, foster a new ethos of voluntary simplicity and reduction in consumption (particularly by those in the advanced industrial societies who have consumed a dispropotionate amount of the world's resoruces), promote economic justice, and take emergency measures to reverse global warming and other immediate threats to the environment.
Thanks Fred for taking the time to add your knowledge and perspective.  Again, it is my goal to treat everyone with kindness and respect.  It is also my goal to encourage collaboration in a truely democratic fashion.
Joyce Olmsted
Chair, WPA Environment Committee
(248) 767-9063