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Re: E-M:/ Where is the flood risk in Ann Arbor?

Enviro-Mich message from Roger Kuhlman <rokuhlman@yahoo.com>

Question: How many homes in the Ann Arbor Greenway
area have been lost to floods over the past 50 years?
Assuming that what you say about flood risk to homes
is correct, it could well be that we are talking about
80% of a negligible risk which then would be
negligible. Also does the risk area include all of the
Ann Arbor Greenway area? Hardly seems like compelling
arguments to oppose the building of medium-rise
housing downtown and divert public monies away from
other environmental projects with higher ecological
and conservation payoffs.

Roger Kuhlman
Ann Arbor, Michigan
--- Doug Cowherd <dcow2@yahoo.com> wrote:

>       Roger, I posed your question (below) to the
> City of Ann Arbor's expert on flood management, who
> is completing a study of flood risk in Ann Arbor.
>   He replies that over 80% of the houses at risk due
> to flooding are in the Allen Creek floodway and
> floodplain - site of the proposed Ann Arbor
> Greenway.  The other less than 20% of the flood risk
> is divided between four other stream corridors and
> the Huron River.
>   There's actually more flood risk in the Allen
> Creek area than I realized.  There's also
> considerable pollution of the Huron River, as
> stormwater rushes through the Allen Creek corridor,
> bringing fertilizer, road oil and salt, and other
> bad things on a clear path to the Huron.  Part of a
> sound Greenway design would be to use the three
> keystone parks to slow down the flow and remove
> pollution from the stormwater flow.  This is a
> commonly applied and cost-effective solution that's
> consistent with recreational uses of a Greenway.
>   Doug Cowherd
>   Co-chair, Sierra Club-Huron Valley Group
>     Roger Kuhlman <rokuhlman@yahoo.com> wrote:
>       Probably add another questionable assertion to
> the
> list--the greenway area is 'in the most flood-prone
> part of Ann Arbor.' What about the Huron River?
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