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E-M:/ human population impact

Enviro-Mich message from "John Rohe" <john@rohemail.com>

"As for the immigration issue, resource depletion and population are global issues that will not be addressed if we limit our view to implications for the U.S." Tanya Cabala

I wish to someday wake up to the world you envision. As a former Peace Corps Volunteer (over 30 years ago), I am caused to reflect upon the art of the possible. The high fertility nations share one attribute: women remain second class citizens. Sad, but true. If you are suggesting that the U.S. continue to be the safety valve for nations with explosive population growth, then you are really only postponing the day of reckoning for others to treat women with respect. If you are suggesting that we can't address mass immigration until cultural priorities in other counrtries resemble ours, then you might be in for a long wait. First, the cultural norms are often deep-seated and resistent to change. And, second, demography has a momentum. Fertility rates today take about 60 years to find expression in population statistics. In other words, the low fertility child bearing cohort has to start checking out before their fertility rates reduces the numbers.
To suggest that we should not stem the tide of mass immigration until population is addressed globally is environmental malpractice.
John Rohe

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