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Re: E-M:/ human population impact

Enviro-Mich message from Roger Kuhlman <rokuhlman@yahoo.com>

Some excellent references Tom. 

As environmentalists we need to remember and always
keep in mind the famous formula that Paul Ehrlic first
developed that shows what factors determine ecological
impact. I=PxAxT. In other words I or mankind's
ecological impact is a function of P population size,
A its affluence or consumption of resources, and T the
technology used to produce its standard of living. A
related concept is the environment's carrying

A population of any kind of species can not exceed its
carrying capacity for any extended period of time or
very adverse consequences ensue--like population
collapse. In terms of natural resource use and habitat
and ecosystem destruction, America today with 300
million people is probably above its long term
carrying capacity. Adding another 120 to 150 million
people due to immigration by 2050 would not be an
ecologically wise decision for America or the rest of
the World. Already America's high levels of
consumption and lavish lifestyle is propped up by the
rest of the World. We benefit by taking natural
resources from third world nations and having cheap
third world labor work for us. Adding more American
citizens will not help right this problem.

Roger Kuhlman
Ann Arbor, Michigan

--- TDietzVT@aol.com wrote:

> There is some academic research on how much
> population does (or doesn't)  
> matter.  The website:
> _www.stirpat.org_ (http://www.stirpat.org) 
> is home to one line of this research.  
> Other important pieces include:
> Entwistle, Barbara and Paul C Stern. 2005.
> "Population, Land Use and  
> Environment:  Research Directions." Washington,
> D.C.: National Academy  Press. 
> (_www.nap.edu_ (http://www.nap.edu) )
> Liu, Jianguo, Gretchen C Daily, Paul R Ehrlich, and
> Gary W Luck. 2003.  
> "Effects of household dynamics on resource
> consumption and biodiversity." Nature  
> 421:530-533.
> (Jack is the Rachel Carson Professor at MSU.)
> Cohen, Joel E. 1995. How Many People Can the Earth
> Support? New York: W.W.  
> Norton & Company.
> This is a meticulous overview of work on carrying 
> capacity.  Cohen also has 
> a recent paper in Scientific American's special 
> issue on environment and 
> natural resources.
> Hope this may be of some of you following this
> thread.
> Best wishes,
> Tom Dietz
> Director of  the Environmental Science and Policy
> Program
> Michigan State  University
> environment.msu.edu

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