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Re: E-M:/ human population impact

Thanks for asking.
I am first generation. My parents came when immigration levels were about 1/5th of current levels as legal immigrants. My father, 92, an immigrant, has shares the concern over mass immigration and strongly shares the view that we should restore the traditional (and much lower) levels of immigration.
Let's agree that immigrants are good people and that immigration is a good thing for a nation. The only issue is how much. Can we agree that when resources, like water, are being depleted, that we don't have a water shortage, but a people longage?
John Rohe
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To suggest that we should not stem the tide of mass immigration until
population is addressed globally is environmental malpractice.
John Rohe
Could you share what generation of US citizen you are?  It might bring me to a better level of understanding on your position.  Thank you.
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