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Re: E-M:/ human population impact

I fully agree with John's position.
I'm 59.
I grew up in New Jersey, when New Jersey was a pretty decent place.
Now its ugly, polluted, so congested you can hardly move.  Gridlock.
All my life, my family has had to move from exploding density of population in
our neighborhood until we couldn't stand it or afford it (financially).
Every one of the beautiful places my grandparents lived has been destroyed.
For the last 30 years, I've lived here in Michigan 20 miles south of Ann Arbor.
Originally farmland on a dirt road; now it's time to move again.
It's suburban turning urban quickly.
We've struggled with landfills all around us, "unregulated" toxic landfills leaking into the
aquifers, quarries that exceed permit limits by 18 million percent without any sign of a government
actually enforcing the permits then and today, and 10 years of not having water in the well for thousands of
families from the same causes, then and today.
You didn't hear one word about environment in the state of the State last night.
No thank you.  Maybe I should try to immigrate to Tanya's world.  Clearly a better place
than my world.
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To suggest that we should not stem the tide of mass immigration until
population is addressed globally is environmental malpractice.
John Rohe
Could you share what generation of US citizen you are?  It might bring me to a better level of understanding on your position.  Thank you.
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