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E-M:/ Enviro-Mich is Anti-Judge Alito "Free Fire Zone" for next 3 days

In furtherance of the objectives of the Sierra Club and democracy
in America, and because of national citizen political emergency conditions,
Enviro-Mich will be a "Free Fire Zone" on the national
anti-Judge Alito campaign for the next 3 days.....FOR a filibuster of
the nomination of Judge Alito's and his "unitary executive" theory of
presidential power, his trashing of federal authority for environmental
control laws, his decisions threatening the citizen access to
environmental law enforcement and his threat to personal civil liberties.


Completely disregard the "mainstream media" coverage of this issue....
....the filibuster is already on and Bush-Frist have to come up with
61 votes to stop it.    Rely on alternative citizen media during this
national campaign.

For the next 3 days, any and all discussion relating to the national multi-group
citizen opposition campaign tsunami against the Alito nomination will all be
germane on EM postings.   Please focus your efforts on organizing and
political efforts directed at Senator Levin, the U.S. Senate Democratic
leadership and the news media.

Our immediate target objective is to gain the support of United States

Act now to let Senator Levin know that we expect him to do what
Senator Phil Hart would have done in the same circumstance.
The opposition party and the opposition (us) can't just sit by and let
this nomination happen just to go along to get along.

Will Michigan environmentalists "take a powder" on the Alito matter and
let Senator Levin do the same?   Some fine commentary here....[set snark on]

Phone calls and faxes are the most effective communications right now to
Senate Offices.   Emails are less effective.....   If you can't get through
to offices in DC, then call/fax a local Levin district office.

Senator Carl Levin [MI]  DEMOCRAT SWING VOTE
Washington, 202-224-6221 (phone), 202-224-1388 (fax)

Senator Levin's District offices
Grand Rapids, 616-456-2531 (phone), 616-456-5147 (fax)
Saginaw, 989-754-2494 (phone), 989-754-2920 (fax)
Escanaba, 906-789-0052 (phone), 906-789-0015 (fax)
Traverse City, 231-947-9569 (phone), 231-947-9518 (fax)
Lansing, 517-377-1508 (phone), 517-377-1506 (fax)
Warren, 586-573-9145 (phone), 586-573-8260 (fax)
Detroit, 313-226-6020 (phone), 313-226-6948 (fax)

Alito is a dangerous, extreme right wing judicial activist who
wants to use the Supreme Court to distort American democracy
and pursue the so-called Federalist Society and fundamentalist
religious transformations of American government and society.

....and he would be replacing the judicial moderation of
Judge Sandra Day O'Connor...

Act NOW!!!   Don't let the debacle of Alito's nomination take place
without a fight!!!  

Alex Sagady
EM Listmanager
Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter

Alex J. Sagady & Associates        http://www.sagady.com

Environmental Enforcement, Permit/Technical Review, Public Policy,
Evidence Review and Litigation Investigation on Air, Water and
Waste/Community Environmental and Resource Protection
Prospectus at:  http://www.sagady.com/sagady.pdf

PO Box 39,  East Lansing, MI  48826-0039 
(517) 332-6971; (517) 332-8987 (fax); ajs@sagady.com