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While the article referenced below presents some very interesting findings it is important to remember that there has been no evidence of CWD specific prions infecting humans.  With this said, the phrase “prudence in the face of uncertainty” comes to mind and is the very reason that, while humans haven’t shown any susceptibility to the disease that consumption of normally infective material (i.e. brain, eyes, spinal cords, and lymph tissue from CWD positive animals) should not be consumed.


The reality is that there is more at stake here than property values…deer hunting is a tradition in Michigan.  MUCC has been working with diligently with the MDA, MDNR, and the captive/privately owned cervid (C/POC) industry to keep CWD and other wildlife diseases out of the state.  In the end it is going to have to be the priority of every hunter, deer “farmer”, and sportsmen to keep CWD out of the state for us to be successful.


MUCC will continue to push our state managers and policy makers to do everything possible to keep CWD out of the state and we look forward to seeing all of you there to back us up.


Michigan United Conservation Clubs


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Michigan Republican politicians in Lansing continue to support the captive cervid money interest over the welfare of human health, the Michigan deer herd, and the state tourism industry.


Infectious prions found in deer meat
Research finds the matter, which causes chronic wasting disease, in muscle. It had been thought to be only in nervous-system tissue.
A person who eats venison could swallow the proteins shown to cause a deadly brain disease in deer, elk and moose, researchers reported today.

Their article in the journal Science represents the first time scientists have found the proteins that cause the affliction, chronic wasting disease, in the meat and muscle of deer.