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E-M:/ Statement by Kate Michelman on Alito Vote

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Statement of Kate Michelman on Alito Vote

1/30/2006 7:05:00 PM

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WASHINGTON, Jan. 30 // -- Following is the statement of Kate Michelman on the Alito vote:

The right of every woman in this country to make decisions about her own reproductive health rather than to have decisions forced on her by judges and legislatures is the essence of Roe vs. Wade. Sixteen years after Roe, its author alerted supporters of this right that its position was tenuous, that a "chill wind" could be felt in the Supreme Court. Today, that chill wind has reached hurricane status. Every person who has studied the record of Sam Alito understands that his confirmation to the Court almost certainly will terminate these fundamental rights either though the outright repeal or the evisceration of Roe. 

As an American, I am sorely disappointed by the lack of commitment to women and fundamental rights by the United State Senate. It is particularly appalling that supposedly pro-choice Senators would stand aside in parliamentary silence and allow this right -- and probably many hers -- to be whisked away with little more than perfunctory debate. 

As a Pennsylvanian, I am particularly appalled that local and national Democrats would hand our Senate nomination to someone who openly supports giving Roe an Alito-induced death. Those whose political successes have depended on the ballots and contributions of pro-choice voters but now facilitate the career of someone who would repeal those rights deserve special enmity. 

A generation ago, women who suffered the indignities and terror of illegal abortion came forward with a commitment to be "silent no more." In light of today?s vote, those of us who walk in their footsteps should make a similar commitment. With Roe poised to fall, there is no reason to yield any more to arguments about "the lesser of evils." Evil has been visited upon us, and we should resolve to do whatever it takes to redress the grievances we feel." Kate Michelman is the author of "With Liberty and Justice for All". She also served as President of NARAL Pro-Choice America for 1985-2004.


I agree 100% with Michelman.....  and....As a father of a 20 year daughter, it is 
intolerable that Ken Sikkema, Michigan Republicans, 
the so-called "Michigan Right to Life,"  Michigan 
Catholic Conference, fundamentalist churches
and the rest of the American Taliban that
want to make reproductive health care decisions for her
by invading her privacy, telling her physician how to administer
health care, and making such care more expensive, difficult, 
intractably unavailable, etc. etc. etc. 

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