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E-M:/ Proposed Richland Gravel Pit

Friends and Colleagues-


As mentioned on a previous posting, we are in a rapid fact-finding mobilization mode on a 800+ acre proposed gravel pit within ½ mile of the Richland village limits, near the corner of M-43 and M-89.  I have pasted a message from one of my comrades (www.friendsofrichland.org) below:


Information about Tom Brink.  His main operation is Golden Grain Farms with 2000 acres in Richland, 3000 acres in Caledonia and 2500 acres in belding.  His other operation  is Liberty Farm.  This is also owned by Timothy C Den Dulk of Hanford, CA.  When you look up Timothy, he has a farm in California and four farms in michigan, one in Kent County, one in Muskegon, Montcalm and Ionia.  Citizens are fighting a proposal whereby he wants to put 3000 cattle on one site.  They call it the Wal-mart of farming.


OK, I seem to have heard these names on this list on this list-serve before.  Insights, experiences, comments all welcome!


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