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E-M:/ MDEQ: Final guidance for delisting Michigan's Great Lakes Areas of Concern



Final Guidance for Delisting Michigan's Great Lakes Areas of Concern

Contact:  Robert McCann (517) 241-7397
Agency: Environmental Quality

January 26, 2006

The Department of Environmental Quality has released Guidance for Delisting Michigan’s Great Lakes Areas of Concern, a document integrating Michigan’s criteria for restoration of beneficial use impairments in Areas of Concern with the process for delisting these sites once they meet the criteria. The document was developed by the DEQ, with close support from the Statewide Public Advisory Council for Michigan’s AOCs.

The AOCs are sites along the Great Lakes experiencing severe environmental degradation stemming primarily from historic pollution. They were designated under the United States-Canada Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement based on the presence of one or more of 14 beneficial use impairments, such as restrictions on fish and wildlife consumption and beach closures.

Of the 41 current Great Lakes AOCs, 14 are located in Michigan. They include rivers, lakes, and bays located across the state. Michigan's AOC Program is administered by the DEQ's, Water Bureau, in collaboration with other state and federal agencies and local stakeholders.

The guidance document and information pertaining to Michigan’s AOC Program is posted on the DEQ Web site at http://www.michigan.gov/deqwater; select Great Lakes, then select Areas of Concern.

Editor’s note: DEQ news releases are available on the department’s Internet home page at www.michigan.gov/deq.

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