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RE: E-M:/ RE: / DEQ Director Chester Defends CAFOs in Letter to the Editor

Absolutely, and that is why it is critical that a study like this include immediate follow-up with the massive inputs of thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions of colonies of E.coli to determine where it is coming from.  One reason that Sierra Club decided to publicize the raw data earlier this year, before the DEQs study was complete, was because we were very concerned that enormously high readings of E.coli were showing up in streams that flow into the heavily recreational PawPaw River -- but apparently there was no protocol with a study like this to notify the health departments or downstream users of potentially deadly conditions.  While the question of the source of the waste is extremely important, the first concern has to be whether anglers or boaters or kids swimming in lakes downstream are being exposed to a massive dose of bacteria and what ever else is signaled by such a large amount of pathogens.  We are urging the Department to assure that whenever such high readings are obtained that local officials are notified.


Anne Woiwode, State Director

Sierra Club Mackinac (Michigan) Chapter

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It must not be forgotten that all animals carry, and therefore deposit E. coli.  This is not to excuse improper control of domestic animal waste, just to point out that there is always a background level of the bacterium in our waters and on our land.  Steve